Homemade products directly from farmers

Homemade products directly from farmers


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   2011 was Wildschönau from the
   Austrian State for the
   exemplary cooperation of
   agriculture and tourism excellent ! Several farmers offer guests the opportunity to unadulterated and 100% without additives homemade products to purchase directly from the farm. For most farmers is beautiful yard already basic . enough to visit


farm shops Wildschönau:


is on a beautiful plateau at about 1030 m above sea level the Salcherhof .
Birgit Haas where he runs a 700m ² large herb garden ,
which includes 30 local tea and herbs. The Salcherhof

salcherhof-auffach-tirol-healing herb garden herb-veggie-beet-schoen anger

is also the target of the popular medicinal herb walks, through the unspoilt countryside of the valley lead. In these tours you learn which herb at what helps and what suffering of
witches was used earlier for their drink.

The cozy bar. Farm , with tiled stove, the family offers homemade products such as bacon, tea, etc. ... Especially recommended are the award-winning brandies of Salcherbauern ! The Court finds when driving on the outskirts turns towards Schönanger before the bridge at the heating plant on the right and then about . 1,500 meters of the road on the sunny plateau follows. opening times = hours of a farmer, so you can orig. purchase products at any time there! Contact:

Birgit Haas Phone 2164

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The products of Wildschönauer farmers
gathered in a store will
be in Oberau! The Wildschönauer Bauernladl provides all high-quality products of the valley.

The cheeses, honey, bacon, fine liqueurs,
and herbal extracts are also a
popular souvenir for all who remained at home.


Regional specialties such as cheese from the Schönangeralm or Holzalm ,
bread, jams, teas and more. are in the "Farmers shop" in the offer
and now an original and popular souvenirs.

 tip: The Wildschönauer enjoyment package ! using the best local produce with natural products from local farmers including the traditional rural crafts

"experience make The naturalness of the valley"

which is The motto of the Association, which the mitbringsel-souvenir-wildschoenau-high valley SPECIALTY gift-for-home-builder downloadBauernladl supplied with products.

The small business can be found in the center of Oberau, just about 300 meters from
our house away next to the Raiffeisen Bank.

opening hours
Winter: from December to Easter
Wednesday to Friday 15.00 - 18.00 clock
Saturday 9.00 am - 12.00 clock summer: Wednesday to Saturday 9:00 to 12:00 clock

Oberau A-6311

 Phone 2522

dillentalhof-auffach-tirol tyrol balcony flower-old-farmhouse-farm-flowers-flowers-jewelry-balcony

Set in beautiful Auffach
one finds the beautiful
old "Dillentalhof" . 's family is still there, very close to nature and represents genuine peasant majority clearly against profiteering. There are also a number of products available there, it probably does not exist in your home and the origin of Wildschönau or the region is attributable to the valley.

Family Holaus
Auffach 50
Mobile: +43 (0) 664/212 4988


    High above the Oberau
    lies with a unique
    view of almost the
    whole valley of the Zwecklhof .

While you get here only to taste and buy liquor, but this one of the best in the whole region and the same in many variations and varieties. Among others there are noble spirits as rowan or elderflower liqueur ! The excursion is determined to Zweklhof an unforgettable experience, because Sigi Bauer does not let you most certainly pull back from his farm without tasting!

Siegfried Kistl
Bembergweg 34
A-6311 Wildschönau

Liquor and fine Tyrolean fires

Noble fires and drops from mountain farmers, distilled from
the best valley fruit are available in the Wildschönau to taste.
THE Wildschönauer specialty par excellence is the "Krautinger" . Siegfried Kistl is one of the most famous distilleries of the valley. His special fires were already several awards from the Chamber of Agriculture Tyrol. , the noble fires Incidentally, you can also cozy focal Kammerl try to agreement.

inger-wildschoenau herb-herb-herb brandy schnapps-high valley-Maria Theresa-burning legal herb linger
liquor sale in:
Zwecklhof Oberau T: +43664 545 6500
Hintersalcherhof, Birgit Haas Auffach T: +435339 2164
Behind Altenberg Auffach T: +435339 8869
Dillentalhof , Auffach T: +43664 212 4988

 Steinerhof Oberau T: +43 (0) 5339 2117

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